Saturday, October 5, 2013

Random 5 on Friday

1. Nolan is finally potty trained. Hooray! He loves being a big boy and not having to wear a diaper.

2. Natalie is officially pacifier free. I didn't take it away as soon as I did with the other kids, because she loves her binki so much. But since she's almost 16 months....
About a month ago, I started only letting her have it at night and when she took a nap. She still looks for it when I put her in bed, but she's actually doing really well with not having it. She seems like such a big girl now- only using a sippy cup, and no bottle or binki.

3. We just finished our 3rd week of homeschool with Talon. He's doing great writing his letters (the ones we've focused on so far), and is starting to put words together. The other kids (including Natalie) are quickly picking up on the letter sounds, and enjoy participating every time they get a chance.

4. We turned our heat on this past week, and I got out my bin of sweaters and sweatshirts. Fall is definitely here!

5. The flu bug is starting to do home visits, I hear. I hope it doesn't decide to stop by. It's not welcome at our house. We have enough activity and chaos without a house full of sickies!
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