Friday, October 4, 2013

Fir Point Farms

We made our annual Fall trip to Fir Point Farms with the kids this past week. We went with Papa and Granny, and they were watching Austin and Ashley, so the kids got to spend some time with their cousins as well.  The weather was beautiful, and there were only a few other people there besides us.  It was perfect!
Natalie was super interested in taking pictures, as you can see.
It totally cracks me up how much Kaitlyn 'mothers' Ashley... even though they are about the same size.  She kept trying to pick her up and hold her on her lap.
Running down the path and off to play.
Feeding the sheep and goats.  The girls actually let them eat out of their hands.
Natalie saw a wide open field, and wanted to run and play. She stopped to look at me through the tire swing.
Fun on the tire swings.
Nolan wasn't content to swing inside the tire like the girls. He was going to be tough and swing on top... like Austin.  Notice the pleased expression on his face. I love this picture!
Picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. 
Talon showing off his find.... and how strong he is!
Natalie stood around making faces and being hilarious.
I told Nolan to smile.  This was the expression I got.  What a goof-ball!
The girls on the big slide
Having fun in 'Hazel's Nut House'
I love having family traditions, and seasonal activities that we can look forward to every year.  Ah, yes... one of my favorite seasons is in full swing!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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