Friday, October 18, 2013

Nolan-bug is 3!!!

Nolan turned 3 yesterday.  I keep asking myself, "How in the world?"
It was funny how his birthday just snuck up on him.  We kept telling him his birthday was coming up, but he would just smile and say, "Yeah, and I'm gonna be fw-eee!".  When he came in to wake me up in the morning, I said, "Happy Birthday, Buddy!  It's your birthday today!".  He got a big surprised look on his face, followed by a huge smile.  He's so happy to FINALLY be three!
He wanted to go out to The Original Pancake House for breakfast, so we went with Papa and Granny.  It was actually more of a brunch, but he didn't care!  He got a strawberry crepe with a candle in it, and we all sang 'Happy Birthday'.  He was e-lated!
He got a Tonka truck that makes noise.  (Oh, what a treat for all of us!)  He loves it!
Daddy and Sissy.
He got his big boy bike from Papa and Granny for getting potty trained.  He loves his "big wed bike!"
He was pretty sure he was gonna get to ride it out in the street.  Uh, on a main highway in Salem?  Sorry, Buddy, gonna have to wait until we get home!
Next stop.... Great Clips!  Anthony was getting his hair cut, and since the boys needed one too, (and since they were having a great sale!) they all got one.
Time to open presents.  He can hardly wait!
He got lots of clothes... since he's growing like a weed.  Good thing he loves new clothes!
He was so excited about his Leap Frog toy.  It teaches him how to write his letters, and what sound each letter makes.
I love how happy he is.  It's so stinkin' cute!
He got to choose between a birthday cake or going out for frozen custard.  He chose frozen custard.  It's his favorite!
Happy Birthday, my little bug! You light up our lives, and we all love you so much!!!

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