Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin fun

While we don't celebrate Halloween, we do celebrate and decorate for Fall.  That means lots and lots of pumpkins around the house.  The kids really wanted to carve out a pumpkin, so we did.
 Gettin' all slimy, and having a blast!
Natalie was perfectly content to sit in her high chair, eat some snacks, and watch.
Silly girl
 Mommy's turn!  The kids wanted me to try and make the Seahawk logo.
 The end result... lit up.
 With the lights off.
 The kids were so excited when they saw it the next morning.  Talon thought he might want to try and carve one himself.  Uh, sorry, son, there's no way you're going at a pumpkin with a sharp knife. Maybe in a few years!

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Beth Starr said...

Now there is a good use for a pumpkin!!! I won't show Shade he may thinks he need one, too.