Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sick baby girl

Poor little Natalie has been really sick since Sunday night.  She's been running a fever, and has been so congested, she's hardly been able to breathe through her nose.  It makes her very upset. It has definitely made for a couple of rough nights!
Kaitlyn has been so sweet, and offered to help hold her this morning while I got a couple of things done.  What a great big sister and helper!
 Even when she's febrile and crabby, she sure is a cute little thing!


Anthony found this little Foosball table on clearance, and got it for the kids.  Instant hit!
 Hours of endless fun... and fighting.  But mostly fun.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Trip to the Children's Museum

The kids and I went to the Portland Children's Museum last Saturday, with Grandpa and Grandma Bauer, Aunt Lacey, and Aunt Kayla.
It's a great place, with a ton of stuff to do and see. The kids had a blast, and we all were exhausted!

Kaitlyn spent most of her time in the grocery store and restaurant area.  She bought food, sold food, prepared food... she was in her element!
 Nolan exploring with Grandma
Natalie was very content to hang out in the stroller, and just watch all of the activity around her!
Playing dentist
They were having their 'Storybook' exhibit
If something could be climbed on, Nolan was all over it!
Grandpa kept track of the girls... he pushed the stroller, and went wherever Kaitlyn's little heart desired.
Making dinner in Peter Rabbit's house
Nolan was the little chauffeur.  Anything that had a steering wheel, Nolan wanted to be the driver.
Happy girl with Grandma
And he wasn't afraid to tell the older kids where their place was.
Making sure to scrub his hands in the sink.  He was a little irritated that the water wouldn't come on.
Happily serving the customers!
Construction workers on the scene
Trying to tie a knot
More climbing
He put his own construction hat on.  He was convinced it was a bike helmet.  He kept asking Grandpa, "Gampa, you give me a bike?".
The Dig Zone was definitely a favorite!  The 'dirt' was small, cut up pieces of rubber. This was the last stop.  It was difficult to pull them away from here. They loved it!
Somehow, I see many more adventures at the Portland Children's Museum in our future!  Talon's already putting in his vote where he wants to start out the next time we go.
Phew... we all slept great that night!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Katie Quip

I got Kaitlyn dressed for church this morning, and she wanted to wear a sweater. I told her she could wear her black, fir-trimmed shrug. I helped her put it on, and she had to run and show Daddy.

Kaitlyn: "Look, Daddy, I'm wearing my new dress and my slug!"

Me: "Sissy, it's called a 'shrug', not a slug!"

Kaitlyn: "Oh, yeah."

Friday, February 22, 2013

8 months old

Natalie is 8 months old, and getting so big!
Rolling around under the furniture.  It's always so much fun... until she gets stuck!
Love this!
She fell asleep on the floor while playing with her toys.
 She likes her high chair with the toy tray attachment
Of course, it's a bonus when someone will come play with the toys with her!
 Her new thing...  she lays on her side, gets up on one elbow, and just looks around.  It's so cute!
 You can tell when Natalie puts her own binkie in her mouth.... it's almost always upside down.
These pictures are so hilarious.  It looks like she's posing!