Friday, March 30, 2012

Talon Moment

The kids came home from staying the night at Papa and Granny's house and Talon was so excited to tell me about his new experience...
Talon: "Hey, Mom, last night I got to a whole new level on the X-Box, and we got to have bing bells!"
Me: "Bing bells?"
Talon (circling his fingers to resemble an 'o' shape): "Yeah, you know... they're round and black, and they have white stuff inside.  You know, bing bells!"
Me: "Do you mean Ding Dongs?"
Talon: "Oh yeah, Ding Dongs!  We had Ding Dongs!  They were really good!"
(I started laughing hysterically until I was almost crying, then he started giggling.)
Talon: "Ding Dongs. That's such a funny name, Ding Dongs!"

Oh, son, you have no idea!
Not that we ever eat them, but if we do.... I think Ding Dongs have forever gotten a new name in our home!

More hats!

As previously posted, Nolan loves hats.  This particular day, he found a skirt to one of Sissy's dolls, and was just sure he had discovered a new hat.  So, he put it on and pranced around the house in it.  When it fell off, he would get a little put out, and promptly stick it back on his head.  It was so funny.  It looked like a lamp shade.

And Sissy just had to have a picture of her hat as well.  (Ahh... the early morning bed hair. ~Sigh!)

Another fond item... Sissy's Hello Kitty.  Nolan became quite attached to her for a couple of days, then lost interest.

...and when she was a little awkward to carry because her head was so big, he improvised and just carried her upside down for a while.  What a nut! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Box Fun

We ordered a couple of chairs and they got shipped to us in a huge box.  So, tonight I taped it up, cut windows in the sides, and set it up for the kids to play in.  I attached their Thomas the Train tent to one end so they would have two different tunnels to crawl through. They have had a blast with it!  The living room has become a noisy 'workshop' as they use their tools to build on the box and 'repair' it.  They played in it for hours- right up until bedtime, and asked if they could play in it when they get up in the morning.  Even the dogs have been intrigued with it.  Oh the cheap fun you can have with one big box!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

17 months old

Nolan is 17 months old this month, and is Mr. Chatterbox!  He talks constantly and loves to interact.  He especially loves to talk on the phone.  We have various old cell phones that aren't in use anymore, so they have become the kids' toys.  Nolan has one in his hand a good portion of the time, and just chats away.  If he can snag our home phone and take off with it, he does.  His vocabulary is really starting to develop.  He doesn't come up with a ton of his own words, but is like a little parrot, and is starting to mimic what we say.
Some of his words:
Mama and Dadda (which he has said for quite a while now)
No! (Definitely a favorite! He shakes his head vigorously as he says it)
Yes (Yea) He says while nodding his head
Ball, Off, Up, Car, Go
Night, Night (Ni-Ni)
All Done (Ah- Done)
Thank you (Tay- Too)
Grandma (Ga-ma)
Grandpa (Ga-pa)
Hallelujah (Ha-lu-ya)
Bath (Bat)
Ohhhh!  (Scrunches up his face and gets a worried look)

He is also starting to learn a couple of signs.  So far, he does 'milk' and 'more'.
He loves to give kisses and hugs, and has started blowing kisses.

And he's still a great eater!  He even likes vegetables and meat! On St. Patty's Day, I made green pancakes.  He thought those were great!  The other kids were quite fascinated with them as well.
Eating at Mongolian Grill.  He loves this place!
I have to sneak in periodically and take pictures of the kids sleeping.  He's usually a tummy sleeper, but not this particular night.  Must have been quite a rough day... he was passed out!

It's Spring-ter!

Yes, it is officially Spring, and the snow is really coming down!  We have gotten more snow in the past 4 hours, than we got all Winter long.  All the daffodils and other flowers have just decided it is safe to go ahead and bloom, and we get hit with freezing weather and snow.  So crazy!
Even when it snows in areas all around us, we hardly ever see any at our house because we are so low on the valley floor.  Well, it didn't miss us this time!  The last time it started snowing, Anthony had the kids convinced it was Christmas again, and had Kaitlyn asking if we could go get a Christmas tree.  I will not be surprised if I get bombarded with questions about Christmas when the kids get up in the morning!

I walked outside a little bit ago, and everything was so quiet, peaceful, and covered in a blanket of white! It's beautiful!
 I took this picture just after midnight.  It's amazing how the snow lights everything up... even in the middle of the night! 
So, since we haven't really decided what season we are in...
Happy Spring-ter!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Talon has rubbed off on his little brother.  Nolan now loves hats!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Talon praying with Papa on Sunday morning before church.  I had my camera so I had to take a couple of pictures.

Talon Moment

Talon came out of the bathroom a couple of days ago and Anthony asked him, "Talon, did you wash your hands?".  Very matter-of-factly he replied, "Yes, but I didn't use soap because I didn't want us to run out!".
Uh, nice try, Buddy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Check-up time!

In an effort to minimize trips to the doctor, we've started combining the kids' appointments.  This has made Nolan's check-ups every 3 months a little off schedule.  So, this week, he finally got in for his 15 month appointment.
He weighs 25 1/2 pounds, and is 32 inches tall.  He's right at the 50th percentile for height and weight, and has a mouth full of teeth!
The doctor asked if he was showing any interest in potty training yet.  Ummm, does unrolling the toilet paper roll and wanting to throw things in the toilet constantly count?  How about getting ready to take a bath and, as soon as I take his diaper off, walking over by the toilet and wetting all over the floor?  Hmmm... I'm gonna say that he's not quite there yet.  Fine with me.  I'm not ready to cross that bridge yet either.  I'll go ahead and change diapers for a few more months!
After I stripped Nolan down for his weight, we had to wait a bit for the doctor to come in.  Well, Nolan just wanted to get down and run, so I stuck his shoes on.  The doctor was quite impressed with the sporty look when he finally came in....

I put on the shoes so he wouldn't walk around on the floor.  Then, because he was bored, I gave him his car to play with. Where did he put it?  Yep, right on the floor! (~Sigh!)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Beep! Beep!

Nolan is no longer content to push the kids' cars around,  he would rather drive them.  My poor furniture... he runs into everything!  And we're not talking just a little bump every now and then, I mean a full-on let's-see-if-we-can-take-this-piece-of-furniture-out type of a hit.  I think these cars should have soft bumpers.  Or maybe I just need to put bumper pads on all my furniture!

And of course he doesn't use the door for it's intended purpose, he prefers to enter and exit through the window head first.  Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it doesn't, but he doesn't seem to care.  He does pitch quite the fit when he gets too much weight on one side and it tips over on him though.  This kid is probably going to start needing a helmet just to play around the house!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My three little monkeys!

My kids are all very fond of monkeys.  Pretty fitting- seeing that they act so much like them half of the time.  They love to make goofy faces; they love bananas; they love to climb and swing from things; and yes, as much as I hate to admit it, they even pick their nose at times when they think no one can see them. 
You know the saying, "If it looks like a monkey, acts like a monkey, eats like a monkey,....." 

The look on his face after being told to quit climbing under the table and hanging from the table...

Sure do love these crazy, adorable little monkeys!!!