Friday, March 30, 2012

More hats!

As previously posted, Nolan loves hats.  This particular day, he found a skirt to one of Sissy's dolls, and was just sure he had discovered a new hat.  So, he put it on and pranced around the house in it.  When it fell off, he would get a little put out, and promptly stick it back on his head.  It was so funny.  It looked like a lamp shade.

And Sissy just had to have a picture of her hat as well.  (Ahh... the early morning bed hair. ~Sigh!)

Another fond item... Sissy's Hello Kitty.  Nolan became quite attached to her for a couple of days, then lost interest.

...and when she was a little awkward to carry because her head was so big, he improvised and just carried her upside down for a while.  What a nut! 

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