Thursday, March 22, 2012

17 months old

Nolan is 17 months old this month, and is Mr. Chatterbox!  He talks constantly and loves to interact.  He especially loves to talk on the phone.  We have various old cell phones that aren't in use anymore, so they have become the kids' toys.  Nolan has one in his hand a good portion of the time, and just chats away.  If he can snag our home phone and take off with it, he does.  His vocabulary is really starting to develop.  He doesn't come up with a ton of his own words, but is like a little parrot, and is starting to mimic what we say.
Some of his words:
Mama and Dadda (which he has said for quite a while now)
No! (Definitely a favorite! He shakes his head vigorously as he says it)
Yes (Yea) He says while nodding his head
Ball, Off, Up, Car, Go
Night, Night (Ni-Ni)
All Done (Ah- Done)
Thank you (Tay- Too)
Grandma (Ga-ma)
Grandpa (Ga-pa)
Hallelujah (Ha-lu-ya)
Bath (Bat)
Ohhhh!  (Scrunches up his face and gets a worried look)

He is also starting to learn a couple of signs.  So far, he does 'milk' and 'more'.
He loves to give kisses and hugs, and has started blowing kisses.

And he's still a great eater!  He even likes vegetables and meat! On St. Patty's Day, I made green pancakes.  He thought those were great!  The other kids were quite fascinated with them as well.
Eating at Mongolian Grill.  He loves this place!
I have to sneak in periodically and take pictures of the kids sleeping.  He's usually a tummy sleeper, but not this particular night.  Must have been quite a rough day... he was passed out!

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