Friday, September 25, 2009

Huskies beat USC!

This is what the scoreboard looked like at the end of last weeks Huskies game. I know it's rather small, but you get the idea!! Washington beat USC 16-13! Not to bad for a team that was 0-12 last year, to beat the #3 team in the nation!
Go Huskies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A bit of randomness

We went to church in Mountain Home on Sunday. Talon has found the love of his life! He runs to her every time he sees her and wants to be held. It's pretty funny.
These little girls were so excited to hold Kaitlyn. She just sat there and enjoyed the attention.
This is Talon's first home-grown pumpkin... pretty impressive, huh?! Papa and Granny grew it for him and he's pretty excited about it. I guess this year I get to make some of my desserts with fresh pumpkin. Sounds like fun!
Talon's excited because he's finally big enough to peddle his bike. Around, and around, and around the house we go!
I couldn't resist this picture. I put Talon down for his nap, and apparently he had his hat sitting on his bed, because when I went to check on him he was wearing it. I took it off, and as soon as he got up the first thing out of his mouth was "hat?".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mmmm, Mmmmm Good Deal!

This was my great find this week at Albertson's.

34- Campbell's Chunky and Select Harvest soups
18- Tomato soups
7- Chicken Noodle soups
5- Spaghettios
2- pkgs Chips Ahoy cookies
2- boxes crackers
1- long-handled, stainless steel BBQ fork
1- (other item that I got as a gift for someone so I can't share right now!)

Total cost= $160.98
With sales, coupons, and doublers, I paid= $53.66
I saved= $107.32!!
(plus got a $2 voucher toward my next shopping trip)

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I guess it's time once again to share what I've NOT been up to.

Of course, I did not take the kids outside and spend over a half hour snapping pictures of them playing in the grass. I didn't then come inside to download the pictures onto my computer only to find I hadn't put the memory card back in the camera from when I had used it earlier in the day. Not Me!

I did not head into the house after going grocery shopping, come back to get another load, and discover I had forgotten to turn off the car. Not Me!

After shopping at Target, I did not grab a quick Starbucks for Anthony and I, so of course my hands weren't full trying to push the cart and hold two cups in my hand. I didn't have to juggle a few things to get to my purse only to realize my keys were nowhere to be found, and had to go back into the store to find I had left them at the checkout stand. Not Me!

I didn't go to start the washer in the morning after breakfast, only to look inside and find the diapers I had changed just a short time before sitting on top of the towels. After all, what kind of a scatterbrained individual would toss the dirty diapers into the washer instead of the garbage? Not Me!

I didn't make a batch of pumpkin scones, then start cleaning up the kitchen and ignore the fact that the timer had gone off. So, naturally, I didn't smell something burning, only to look in the oven and find very dark triangular objects staring me in the face. Not Me!

I did not go to Albertson's on my way home from work, buy over 60 cans of miscellaneous soups because they were such a good deal, then leave them in the car to unload later because I was too tired (and lazy) to bring them in and put them away. Not Me!

Everyone knows I didn't fall down the stairs and almost break my ankle because I got in too big of a hurry and wasn't watching where I was going. Not Me!

As I read back over these I start to wonder about myself. Maybe I really DO need to seek help! ........ Nah, Not Me!!

10 months old!

Kaitlyn is now 10 months old. What a big girl she's becoming! She's mastered the crawling, now is on to pulling herself up to EVERYTHING to see what she can get into. No more 'putting it up on the coffee table so Sissy can't reach it'. She loves to pull herself up things and let go, then look at us for approval. She's so proud of herself, she starts laughing, then loses her balance. What a crazy girl!

She also REALLY loves food (comes by that naturally, I might say!). We went to dinner the other night, and I had fed her before we left home, so when we were eating I gave her a dinner roll to gnaw on. She had that thing almost gone by the time we were done. There wasn't much left except a ball of soggy mush that she was squishing between her fingers. I had to take it away before she put the whole thing in her mouth, and when I did.... Maaaaaan, that girl can throw a fit!

Talon put his little bag of Cheez-Its on the counter the other day so he could run and play. I was doing dishes and had Kaitlyn in her seat on the counter. She leaned over and got a hold of the crackers, and within seconds was cramming them into her mouth. Of course, I freaked out and went after them by sticking my finger in her mouth so she wouldn't choke, she then proceeded to bite down on my finger for all she was worth and throw a fit. I tried to replace the crackers with her 'Gerber snacks'.... as you can imagine, that went over well!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures of the kids

Talon (2yrs old) & Kaitlyn (10mos old)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Just call me "Grace"

I have a renewed respect for our stairs since I was taking them a bit fast this morning and my foot slipped off of one. Yep, you guessed it... not the prettiest sight you ever beheld! At first, I thought that I broke my ankle, but it turns out the only thing really injured was my pride.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wood Chipper

I could have seriously injured me a Schnauzer last night. Kallie has a fetish with Talon's wooden blocks- she loves to chew them up. Last night it looked like someone had used a wood chipper all over the downstairs. There were tiny wood pieces everywhere! This is the 4th or 5th one she's completely demolished.
She then proceeded to wet all over the carpet when I got her in trouble.
If that wasn't enough...
After I got the floors swept and vacuumed, I let both of the dogs out to go to the bathroom before I went to bed, and they tracked in fresh cut grass all over my clean floors. Urrrrrgh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


Fall is almost here.
These are just a few things I really look forward to:

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes I look forward to them every year. Make it a triple, Grande, with no sprinkles, Please!


Go Seahawks!

Go Huskies!

Fall Colors!

I simply LOVE all the fall colors!!

Lots of family, food, games... what's not to love?!?!

Spiced Apple Cider
Mmmm.... Bring out the Mulling Spices and Red Hots!


Corn Maizes
So much fun! This is a preview of the 2009 Corn Maize at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island in Oregon. And do they ever have great caramel apples!


Pumpkin Spice is one of my very favorites. I always stock up on them in the fall!

I always get a hankerin' to bake once fall sets in. Yes, I especially love the recipes that include pumpkin or apples. And you gotta love all those warm spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves...

Homemade Apple Sauce
Anthony's parents make the BEST!
Warm, with a little cream... such a delicious treat!

Vacation from mowing the lawn
It's definitely sad to see it turn brown, but it's nice to have a break from mowing it. I've had to do it while Anthony's been down with his back. Not my favorite job ever!

And a couple of things I don't look forward to:
The Dark It gets dark early. How I miss those warm summer nights where it stays light until 9 or 10:00.

The Cold
I hate to be cold! Bring out the sweaters and the double layers!

Creepy Crawlies
Sure could do without those!

Oh yeah, and one more thing...

School Zones
It always takes me a couple of weeks to remember the speed limit is 20, not 35 or 40mph!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garbage man

Talon's pretty intrigued with throwing things away. It makes me a little nervous whenever I hear the trash can. The other day I saw him throw something in it, and when I checked to see what it was, I found one of his wooden blocks.
Hmmm... I wonder what else might be missing around here!
If only he could be that enthralled with putting his toys in his toy box!!

Evening outside

Outside playing with the neighbor girls.
Talon thought he was pretty big stuff when they let him try to ride the scooter. Let's just say he moved on to a more age appropriate riding toy very quickly!
He was a put out when I made him stop playing for a minute to put his shoes on the right feet.
Kaitlyn was perfectly content to sit on the grass and just watch the action around her.
Oh how I love those big brown eyes!

Big girl on the move!

Kaitlyn officially started crawling on Thursday night. There was a toy of Talon's she wanted to play with so she took off after it. I can't believe how fast she's growing! It's so cute to watch her chase Bubby around.


Any guesses on what we had for dinner tonight?
I think he may have even gotten a little bit in his mouth!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Go Broncos!

Broncos just beat the Ducks 19-8!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Talon's bathroom bloopers

My mom loves to tell stories about us when we were little, and all the antics we pulled. (With good reason, I guess, from the sounds of it we pulled some doozies! I'm sure she deserves at least some type of ribbon or metal for the stuff we put her through!)
So, now it's my turn. It's amazing how stories actually become humorous after the frustrations of the moment dissipate, and you can finally take a deep breath!
A few days ago, I was so exhausted, that I decided to lay down and nap when it was time for the kids to take theirs. We had just gotten done with lunch, and after I had cleaned up Talon, I decided to let him sleep in his shirt and diaper because I thought he might get too hot in his overalls. I set my alarm for fear that I would just pass out and not be able to hear the kids when they woke up. When my alarm rang, I got up and checked on Kaitlyn. She was still sleeping, and Talon was quiet. (A delightful thought crosses my mind, "Oooh, maybe I can sleep a little longer!") I decided I better go check on Talon just to make sure he wasn't up. As I walked into his room, it was dark, but a really foul smell hit me in the face. I opened the door further and could see that Talon was not in his bed. I then saw him walking towards me, holding his hands in the air, saying "Ooo weee! Ooo weee!". I turned on the light to find his hands, legs, and shirt covered in a partially-dried, brown substance. Yeah, I know!!! That's what I thought... Disgusting!! He had so meticulously finger-painted himself with the nasty diaper contents that were running down his legs. The next words out of his mouth... "Bath? Mama, Bath?". "Yes, Talon, you are definitely getting a bath!" Thankfully, he only got a little bit on his sheet and none on the floor, his stuffed animals, or toys. Needless to say, I was glad that I went and checked on him and didn't lay back down. (And Anthony was very glad that I happened to be home so he didn't have to deal with it. Right, Honey?!?!)
Oh, but there's more!
Yesterday afternoon I put Talon in the bathtub while I was getting ready for work. I ran downstairs to grab something (not to worry, there was only about 3-4 inches of water in the tub!), and Talon started hollering at me, "Mama? Mama? All done! Mama? All done!". This was a bit strange since I had just put him in there with his "bubbows" and he usually loves to play in the bath. I went upstairs, and as I walked in the bathroom he said, "Mama, poo poo!". I looked in the tub, and sure enough .... underneath all the bubbles were little green floaties! I asked him if he had gone potty in the tub and he said, "Ooo wee! All done!". He started to cry- I think it really upset him, but he got over it really fast. He didn't have any interest in staying in the tub to play any more, though!
I always have to call my mom and let her know what her darling grandchildren have been up to, and what wonderful stunt they've pulled. Of course, she usually just laughs and gets a big kick out of it!