Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meeting Great Grandma Norma

My Grandma Norma hasn't been feeling well, and she really wanted to come see Natalie when we were in the hospital, but she was unable to.  So, we took Natalie to meet her.  She was happy girl- she just snuggled in and went to sleep.

Grandma with her great grandkids

Natalie and Miss Monkey

All of the kids have monkeys.  More than one, actually.  So, of course, Natalie had to have one. This is her Miss Monkey and matching blanket.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Sunday

Heading to church her first Sunday.  So awake and alert!

Nap time!

Cuddling with Daddy

Silly Monkeys

 The other 3 silly monkeys around here...
Nolan found Talon's bike helmet, and wore it around most of the day.  It was pretty funny- especially since he kept putting it on backwards.

Acting like monkeys

...and just being goofy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One week old

Natalie is one week old already!  How time flies!
Just a couple of the things we did her first week. (This was besides doctor appointments and such.) We've tried to stay home as much as possible so Mommy can rest and get caught up on laundry and housework; but the weather hasn't been that great, and everyone else seems a little stir-crazy, so we've gone out for yogurt and Starbucks, and little things.
As tradition goes, one of our first adventures was to one of our favorite places...The Original Pancake House.  We have taken each one of the kids there within their first couple of weeks.  Not that they know the difference, but it's just something we've always done.  (More as a tradition for us than anything, I guess.)
So here she is with Daddy and Mommy at Pancake House...

We went out to Nona Emilia's for some great Italian food with Chad and Tori.
They have a guy all dressed up that walks around and plays the accordion. He even takes requests, so he played a couple of songs for the kids.  They loved it!

She sleeps most of the time, but she's hardly been put down since she arrived (except at night, of course!).  No complaints on her part, as you can see!

It cracks me up how huge newborn clothes are on her.

A very happy big sister.  She loves to help in whatever way she can.  She even offers to change her diaper all the time... an offer I wouldn't mind taking her up on!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on the Little Miss

This was the update on Natalie the day we left the hospital.  I posted it on Facebook, but hadn't gotten a chance to post it on the blog.  So, here it is....

We thought we were gonna be discharged late morning or early afternoon, but things changed.
Yesterday, we had a consult with the peds surgical team, and they felt quite confident that the lesion on Natalie's liver was basically nothing. We would follow up with it in a couple of weeks with an ultrasound, and the chances of it being anything concerning were slim.
Again, this morning, the peds surgeon came by. He told us that he finally had a chance to review the last two ultrasounds, and he was almost positive that the lesion on the liver was a hemangioma. It is very vascular, and about the size of a ping-pong ball (fairly large compared to the size of her liver!), but that it shouldn't cause any problems. The plan was the same- that we would re-evaluate it in 2-3 weeks by ultrasound and just make sure that it wasn't causing any problems or getting bigger.
As we were getting ready to be discharged, the hospital pediatrician came by to evaluate her again. Yesterday, on exam, she found Natalie to have a heart murmur. This is still fairly normal at 24 hrs of life, as a baby's circulation is still trying to convert from fetal circulation in the womb. Today, she found the murmur to still be there, and she seemed very hyperdynamic (you could feel her heart beating really strong through her chest, see her heart beating in her stomach, and the stethoscope bounced on her chest when she listened). Natalie was also still breathing pretty fast and grunting at times. So, she recommended we have the cardiologist come and consult on her. 

The cardiologist came and saw her and wanted her to have an Echocardiogram. On the Echo, he found that the hemangioma in the liver is backflowing into the heart, and at 48 hours of age, her right atrium is already enlarged. This can lead to pulmonary hypertension in the lungs. So the solution is to take her in for a procedure (know as a cardiac catheterization) that will place a coil in the blood vessel, remove the blood flow back to the heart, and hopefully cause the hemangioma to shrink and dry up. The issue right now is that she is too small and he doesn't think that the smallest catheter he has is quite small enough. He wants to let her grow as much as possible, hopefully at least a pound or two before the cath, but we don't want to wait for it to cause problems with her circulation and lungs. The plan now is for her to go in on July 2nd or 3rd and have the cath procedure done. We will do another Echo to find out if it worked, and then follow up with the peds surgical team in a couple of weeks to do an ultrasound. If the lesion is still there, they may biopsy it, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. We are praying that the cath procedure just takes care of it.

Being such a good girl during her Echo!

Her bilirubin is borderline high right now, so we go in in the morning to have that checked. She has been very tired and has not wanted to eat much, so our goal right now is to get her to eat and hopefully she will gain the weight she needs to before the procedure.
We appreciate everyone's prayers and concern for our little girl. All of your sweet comments and well wishes have meant so much! Natalie is precious and has already been such a blessing to our family. God has been so good to us!

In the carseat and heading home!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Baby Girl!!

Natalie Danielle Starr has arrived!!
born Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 1:53pm
6 lbs, 3.6 oz and 19 inches long

With Granny Starr

With Grandma Bauer

With Papa Starr

With Aunt Lacey

With Aunt Kayla

Mommy and all four kids!

Just had her first bath

With Great Aunt Jenny

Some snuggle time with Mommy.  
Wow... it's been quite a long day!!

She has some long fingers and toes!!

Trying to get those eyes open

Natalie and Daddy

Mommy and a very excited big sissy!

Natalie Danielle with Aunt Melanie Danielle

Katie got some Hello Kitty slippers from her baby sister

Proud big brother holding her for the first time

Nolan got to hold her too, but was so intrigued with her eyes that he kept trying to poke them.  He seemed to really like her, and kept pointing at her and saying, "Baby? Baby?".

The moment Kaitlyn's been waiting for... getting to feed her a bottle.

Beautiful roses from Daddy!