Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Years Old!!

On the 6th of June, Talon turned 5 years old.  We went for his check-up this week, and he is tipping the scales at 41lbs, and is 42 inches tall.  He's now in the 50-60th percentile for height and weight.  Not too shabby, seeing he started out in the 5-7th percentile!

We started out the day with his favorite breakfast.... pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.  He wanted blue ones, so that's what we had.

We went to Papa and Granny's for dinner and he got to open his gifts.

In case you don't know much about Talon, he loves to play Mario Bros. on the Wii.  He runs around pretending he's Mario all the time.  So, Daddy searched online and found him a Mario suit.  He was pretty excited about it!  Of course, he wants to wear it 24/7 now!

He's pretty much outgrown his first little bike, so we got him a new big red bike.  He loves it, and is already asking to take the training wheels off.  Looks like we're gonna be doing some bike lessons and learning to ride without training wheels this summer!

Papa and Granny got him a Cars tent that came with a sleeping bag and pillow.  He informed us that he wanted to start sleeping outside in his tent.  Hmmm.... don't know how long that would last once it started getting dark!  

Kaitlyn's favorite song is "Happy Birthday".  She sings it every opportunity she gets, so she was more that happy to hug and kiss on her big brother, and serenade him all day long.  She sang it so many times,  Nolan would even break out into song and could sing it pretty well by the end of the day!

Another thing Talon had set in his mind, was that he was going to go to Cold Stone Creamery and get Cotton Candy ice cream on his birthday.  So, guess where we went for dessert that evening!

The next day, he got to pick where we went for lunch.  We went to Red Robin, where he got serenaded once again and got a gigantic hot fudge sundae.

The festivities continued over the weekend, and we went to Grandpa and Grandma Bauer's and had another party.  Any guesses on the theme?  Yep, Mario!  Grandma did a fabulous job, and made him a Mario cake.  He absolutely LOVED it!!

And, yes, he had to wear his Mario suit!

A family picture with Mario.

He got a lot of fun gifts- including a Mario back pack from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Donna, Legos, and a bat and ball set.

And last, but not least, there was play time.  Whenever Uncle Jeremy is around, the kids have a wild time and love it.

It's hard to believe that the little 4lb.1oz, red-headed baby boy we brought home 5 years ago, is growing up so fast!  He's so much fun and adds so much life to our home.  He's so excited about learning new things.  He's learned how to write all of his letters, and loves to try and spell words.  The question is no longer, "Mom, what does that say?", but "Mom, how do you spell...".  He's pretty sure he almost knows how to read.  It's fun to watch him go from just randomly stacking Legos and blocks, to actually building things.  
His vocabulary cracks me up sometimes.  He likes to use really big words, and is very descriptive when explaining events and things that he's observed.  He was telling me about something that happened at Grandpa and Grandma's the other day, and started the sentence by saying, "Apparently, Aunt Kayla didn't realize it, but...."  I kinda just stopped and stared at him for a few seconds.  What happened to my baby boy?  At least he still loves to snuggle and play "How many kisses?" before bedtime.
Happy 5th Birthday, Talon Shade!

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