Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pink... not my favorite color right now!

As a family, collectively, we have been sick for officially a month.  It's getting quite ridiculous!  Talon has been complaining of his ears hurting for a couple of days now.  I was able to get him into the doctor today.  Sure enough.... double ear infection.
I noticed this morning that Nolan's eyes looked a bit goopy and red.  They got more and more puffy by the hour.  So he ended up in the doctor's office too... getting an antibiotic for pink eye. 
Poor little guy. I don't know if he could look any more pitiful!
Hanging out on the sofa with his blankie and bear.
I guess he kinda made it look like fun, because Kaitlyn went and got her blanket and bear and wanted to lounge around on the sofa as well.
Aaaah, there's my smiley boy!
Hopefully this will be the last bump in the road, and we will all be better.  Anthony and I both seem to be on the mend, and the kids just have an occasional cough.
I know I sound like a broken record.  I'm not really sure how many times today that I've told the kids (especially Nolan), "Don't touch your eyes!", but it would be just great with me if the rest of us didn't catch the pink eye!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Play time around the house

More pictures of my crazy, fabulously wonderful kids.  I love them to pieces and pieces!  So happy these four little gems call me "Mommy"!

Natalie has that look.  The one that says, "Ooooh, I got Bubby's hat and ball!".  Love it!!
Rollin' around on the floor, rough housing, dog pile.... you name it. Just plain ol' kid fun!  Natalie made her way in to where the older kids were.  She wasn't about to miss the action!
Four little ducklings all in a row....
So goofy!
This one's my favorite!
Domino effect
Nolan would only sit in the chair if he got to hold Talon.  He wasn't having it the other way around.    He doesn't believe for a second that he is smaller than his older brother.
Refusing to smile
Getting serenaded.  Love that my kids love to sing so much!
Time to color

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My sleeping beauties

There's just something so peaceful about watching my babies sleep. When I go in to check on them at night, I love to snuggle up next to them and kiss on them.  Anthony likes to tease me about it.  However, when he goes in to check on them at night, more times than not, one of them will end up in bed with us.  Not even Daddy can resist their cuteness when they're sleeping!
I have to take pictures periodically while they are little, and cherish these times.  (Well, you know... since they probably wont appreciate me sneaking over to their house in the middle of the night to watch them sleep when they're all grown up!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

My little helpers

I have some very eager helpers when it comes to laundry.  Kaitlyn gets down-right upset if I happen to do laundry without her.  Her job is to separate and fold the hand towels and washcloths, and she takes this job very seriously.  If she knows there is laundry to fold, she will follow me around and nag me incessantly, "Can we fold clothes yet?".  If it's bed time, and the laundry isn't done, she will get a pouty look on her face, and ask, "Are you going to fold without me?".  At which point, to ease her anxiety, I usually promise to at least save her the washcloths.
Talon has started wanting to help as well, though his excitement is rather short-lived at times, and he loses interest a little more quickly.
The other day, Kaitlyn went and got the clean, folded towels out of the bathroom so we could refold them.  She just can't understand why I'm not as excited about it as she is!
She does love to help around the house, so I try to find little jobs for her to do whenever I can.  She loves to help unload the dishwasher, and she talks about 'getting' to sweep and mop the floors and clean the toilets when she gets bigger.  I hope her enthusiasm continues... it will be nice to have someone eager to help out and clean the house with me!  
Now, if only she was so gung ho about picking up her toys and keeping her room clean!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Masked fun

We may have found the key to stop the respiratory bugs from spreading around here....  that is, until they take their mask off and can't remember which one belongs to who, and they start passing the masks around.  Oh well, they're pretty cute anyway!  And besides, it's more fun to play doctor when you have a mask on!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9 months old!

Look who's 9 months old already!!  I wish I could slow time down.  It just doesn't seem possible that she'll be a year old soon!
Her favorite place to be, when I'm in the kitchen, is in her high chair.  She wants to be involved in everything that is going on.
Love this happy face with her sparkling blue eyes!
Trying to play with the dogs while she's in her chair.  She loves to share her little teething snacks with them.  It's pretty much win-win... she's not that fond of the snacks, and the dogs love them. They're becoming fast friends!
She only says a couple of words.  One of them is "Papa".  She loves her Papa!
Sitting up like a big girl.
She reminds me so much of Kaitlyn in this picture.
There's that tongue!
My favorite little people!
Notice what's going on in the background of this next picture.
Natalie is very quick.  She has fingernails like razor blades.  She loves to grab peoples' faces.  This is not a good combination!  There are days that I look like I got in a fight with a cat, and I lost.
Natalie clearly got bored with the picture-taking, and turned on her oldest brother. Fortunately for him, she just got his neck- not his face.  Oh buddy... we feel your pain!!!
On a brighter note... I love this sweet picture of Katie-cakes!

Happy 9 months, Baby Girl!  You add so much happiness to our home. (And spice... lots of spice!)
We sure love you!!!