Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Play time around the house

More pictures of my crazy, fabulously wonderful kids.  I love them to pieces and pieces!  So happy these four little gems call me "Mommy"!

Natalie has that look.  The one that says, "Ooooh, I got Bubby's hat and ball!".  Love it!!
Rollin' around on the floor, rough housing, dog pile.... you name it. Just plain ol' kid fun!  Natalie made her way in to where the older kids were.  She wasn't about to miss the action!
Four little ducklings all in a row....
So goofy!
This one's my favorite!
Domino effect
Nolan would only sit in the chair if he got to hold Talon.  He wasn't having it the other way around.    He doesn't believe for a second that he is smaller than his older brother.
Refusing to smile
Getting serenaded.  Love that my kids love to sing so much!
Time to color

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