Monday, December 29, 2014

More Christmas Celebration

We had Christmas with my family last night.  We played some games, ate a lot, opened gifts, and had fun visiting.

All of the kids with their families.  My, how we have grown!
Never a lack of pictures when you get our family together.  It's really fun to look back, though, and have so many memories captured.
Someone got some more of her very own Hello Kitty stuff.  She was so excited!
We did a game exchange this year.  Everyone brought a wrapped game, and we did it like the "White Elephant" gift exchange.  It was a lot of fun, and everyone got some new games for their family.
Trying to decide which one to choose
Nolan got a new chain saw that makes noise.  He was running around cutting up everything.  Yes, everything!
Natalie made a new friend... Crystabelle.  She got carried around a good portion of the night.
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day

I anticipated being able to sleep in a little on Christmas morning, since the kids opened all of their gifts on Christmas Eve.  Not a chance.  They were up before 8am, jumping up and down, excited that it was Christmas.  We set up the Polar Express train in the living room, and they enjoyed listening to the Christmas music that it plays, and taking turns operating the remote control.
We had Christmas with Papa and Granny, and Shade and Beth's family.
With all of the craziness around trying to get Christmas dinner done, I didn't get many pictures, but we had some yummy desserts!
Getting ready to do our gift exchange.  Delani was doing a little 'mothering' over Natalie.  It was pretty cute!
Beth made the girls Hello Kitty aprons.  They love them!
Talon got Legos and a new book.  He loves to read!
We do a 'White Elephant' gift exchange.  It was pretty hilarious.  We have a lot of fun with it!
The girls in their aprons (and new scarves).
Talon already had his Lego plane put together within a few minutes.  He loves to play with Legos.  He has taken it apart many times already to create different things.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I'm so thankful that we know the true reason for the Christmas season.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Christmas Eve

We open our gifts with the kids on Christmas Eve, and Papa and Granny came over to spend the evening with us.  
As I watched the kids open their gifts this year, I thought about how much Christmas changes when you have a family.  Kids make Christmas so much fun. There's just something about seeing their eyes light up and the smiles on their faces.  There's so much excitement and expectation.
My heart is full of thanksgiving for all of God's blessings, and for my beautiful little family.  God has been so good to us!

Listening to Daddy read the Christmas Story from the Bible.  Taking time to remind us what Christmas is really all about.
Anticipating opening presents
The girls each got an apron from Papa and Granny.  They loved them!
Kaitlyn was a little disappointed when she unwrapped her big gift and found a box of baby wipes.  She was relieved when she actually opened the box, and found a new winter coat.
Natalie enjoyed playing 'Santa', and helping pass out the gifts

Thankfully, my kids all really like getting new clothes.  We have enough toys around the house, and they all needed new clothes, so that is what the majority of their gifts consisted of.
This is the first year that Natalie has really gotten into opening presents.  She has figured out that she loves Christmas!
She was very happy about her new coat too!
They got a Wii U for their big gift to share.  They were so excited.  Of course, they wanted me to run upstairs that very instant and set it up, but we decided it was probably best to wait until morning for that.
Nat got a little Hello Kitty camera.  She's pretty sure she's a professional photographer now.
Trying out their new fleece and gloves. Love my boys!
Pecan pies fresh out of the oven
Somebody loves me!  I got a whole box of Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars.  My favorite!