Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day

I anticipated being able to sleep in a little on Christmas morning, since the kids opened all of their gifts on Christmas Eve.  Not a chance.  They were up before 8am, jumping up and down, excited that it was Christmas.  We set up the Polar Express train in the living room, and they enjoyed listening to the Christmas music that it plays, and taking turns operating the remote control.
We had Christmas with Papa and Granny, and Shade and Beth's family.
With all of the craziness around trying to get Christmas dinner done, I didn't get many pictures, but we had some yummy desserts!
Getting ready to do our gift exchange.  Delani was doing a little 'mothering' over Natalie.  It was pretty cute!
Beth made the girls Hello Kitty aprons.  They love them!
Talon got Legos and a new book.  He loves to read!
We do a 'White Elephant' gift exchange.  It was pretty hilarious.  We have a lot of fun with it!
The girls in their aprons (and new scarves).
Talon already had his Lego plane put together within a few minutes.  He loves to play with Legos.  He has taken it apart many times already to create different things.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I'm so thankful that we know the true reason for the Christmas season.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

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