Friday, December 19, 2014

Annual Check-ups

Kaitlyn and Nolan had their annual well-child doctor visits today.  I must say, I have weird children.  They told the nurse when we walked in, that they both needed a shot.  When she told Kaitlyn that she had the option to get the flu-mist or the shot, she quickly chose the shot.  Nolan had to get one shot already, so he chose the mist for his second one.  They both giggled through the poke.  Like I said, I have weird kids.  After it was all over, Kaitlyn said, "Mom, that did hurt a little bit, but I didn't cry!".  I reminded her that she chose the shot, and next time she may want to chose the mist.  Then the truth came out, "But if I don't get a shot, I don't get to pick a toy!".  I never said a word about the toy. How do they remember these things?

They enjoyed doing their eye exams and getting their blood pressure taken.  They have great eye sight.  Thank you, Lord!  I have been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old.  Thankfully, my children haven't inherited my bad vision.
Nolan has 20/40 vision in both eyes, but it is normal for his age.  We will continue to check it as he gets older to make sure he doesn't need glasses.
Kaitlyn may have inherited my low blood pressure, though... 82/48. The nurse took it a couple of times just to make sure.
 Now for his hearing exam.  It's been confirmed... the lack of hearing he exhibits from time to time is selective.  This is good news in the parenting department, now we can work on finding a cure.
Kaitlyn is 49 lbs. and 47 in. tall
Nolan is 44 lbs. and 42.5 in. tall

So thankful for healthy, growing kids!

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