Friday, March 30, 2012

Talon Moment

The kids came home from staying the night at Papa and Granny's house and Talon was so excited to tell me about his new experience...
Talon: "Hey, Mom, last night I got to a whole new level on the X-Box, and we got to have bing bells!"
Me: "Bing bells?"
Talon (circling his fingers to resemble an 'o' shape): "Yeah, you know... they're round and black, and they have white stuff inside.  You know, bing bells!"
Me: "Do you mean Ding Dongs?"
Talon: "Oh yeah, Ding Dongs!  We had Ding Dongs!  They were really good!"
(I started laughing hysterically until I was almost crying, then he started giggling.)
Talon: "Ding Dongs. That's such a funny name, Ding Dongs!"

Oh, son, you have no idea!
Not that we ever eat them, but if we do.... I think Ding Dongs have forever gotten a new name in our home!

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