Sunday, October 6, 2013

Katie Quip

Kaitlyn is always talking about how she's "going to be a nurse just like Mommy" when she grows up.  This was Daddy and Kaitlyn's conversation a couple of days ago...

Daddy: "You know Sissy, when you get bigger and get married, I don't want you to move far away.  That way, I can come and visit you whenever I want to."

Kaitlyn: (No reply)

Daddy: "You gonna let me come visit you whenever I want?"

Kaitlyn: "Well, I'm probably going to be too busy at the hospital."

Daddy: "Oh, you're going to be working as a nurse, like Mommy?"

Kaitlyn: (Pushing out her stomach and rubbing her hands around it) "No, I'm gonna be there getting all the babies out of my tummy!"

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