Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Talon has been wanting to go camping lately. The problem is, we don't have a tent, and we don't have a trailer. He seems to think his little Cars tent and sleeping bag will do the trick. We've offered to let him sleep out in the backyard, but he hasn't gone for that yet. Not to mention, the weather is starting to get cold and rainy.
So, I came up with a solution... they had a campout in the playroom. Tents, sleeping bags, and all. They even got settled into bed with the lights off and a flashlight. It was perfect! I got to sleep in my nice cozy bed with my new down comforter, and the kids got their campout. We didn't have a fire to roast marshmallows, but they did get to eat hot dogs in the evening before bed. We all got nice hot showers and baths in the morning, and no mosquitoes. It's a Win-Win, I say!

The camp site.  Since Kaitlyn didn't have a tent, we made one.  She was quite proud that hers was the biggest and had the most room for all of her blankets and stuffed animals.
I'm sure, in their minds, this is probably more what it looked like!
The kids were begging to put on their pajamas at 7:00pm.  That NEVER happens.  Talon kept saying how tired he was, and how he thought he should probably go to bed. Of course, once they were in their tents, they wanted to stay awake and play half of the night!
I went up to check on them, and this is how I found Talon...
He has completely moved out from under his tent.  So hilarious!  I'm not sure how well this tent would do camping in the great outdoors, and especially this time of year.  Seems like you might get a bit cold and wet if it should happen to rain!
You gotta love kids!
Nolan ended up having to go sleep in his bed.  He wouldn't quit getting up, running around, and playing with the toys in the playroom.  He didn't seem to mind though, when I told him that he could go back in his Thomas tent when he got up in the morning. And, sure enough.... he was up at the crack of dawn playing in his tent!
Maybe next summer we can go on a real campout and sleep in a real tent...or trailer.  I'm definitely not opposed to the trailer idea!

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Beth Starr said...

Or hotel!! Now that is my idea of camping.