Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coversations Around the House

We've had a few beautiful days lately.  The weather's been in the low 70's at times (pretty good for Oregon in the Fall, I'd say).  I was trying to be discreet, and drop a thought by Anthony without the kids being aware.  Note: they were all busy doing their own thing, and no one even seemed to be within ear shot.

Me: "Hey, we could take the kids to the P-A-R-K when we get done running errands."

Talon (from the other room, starts jumping up and down and shouting): "The PARK!  Yeah, I wanna go to the park!"

Me: "I guess we're going to have to stop spelling things to keep a secret."

This is going to be difficult- especially for me.  I resort to spelling things a lot to keep the kids from knowing what we're talking about.  Pretty soon we're gonna look like ball coaches throwing around signals, just to communicate in front of the kids.

And another thing....
Why is it that you can holler at them from the next room over, without even a door to divide the rooms, use their name, and they can't hear a word you are saying.
Yet, you whisper something at the opposite end of the house, from a different floor, and they respond like they are standing right next to you.  It drives me insane!
Okay. There.  I'm done ranting now.

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