Saturday, May 9, 2015

Food Relay

We were asked to be in charge of the youth last night. So, after a little devotional, we played a game, then had a food relay.  I don't know that we will be asked to come back, but it was pretty funny! (Well, at least for those of us that weren't participating, and were
 just spectators!)

I didn't realize that Jonathan dislikes pickles so much, and that's the first thing he and Caleb had to eat... a whole plate of dill pickle spears.
Now for the bologna...
Sarah didn't puke, but I think she wanted to!
Jessica and Garrett got to eat powdered donuts, but had to drink warm Sprite afterwards. I hear that was a bit hard to get down!
I thought a cup of marshmallows would be easy. Unfortunately, it was Patricia's turn, and she hates them. Caleb didn't seem to mind much.
I must admit, I felt really bad for the next two contestants. Cassandra and Deryk tried really hard to eat the jar of vegetable-with-chicken-stars baby food.
When they both were ready to puke, we let them swap out. Caleb didn't seem to mind too much!
Jonathan on the other hand, had a hard time getting it down too. But he persevered.
Next came the raw carrots. Skye and Sarah did good.
Poor Jessica, she got stuck with another can of warm Sprite, but this time she was eating hot pork rinds. She was a trooper, because her mouth was burning off. Caleb just went to town.
After that came the dry Frosted Mini Wheats, popsicles, and bananas with more warm Sprite. Like I said, we may not be asked to do youth night again, but we sure did have fun, and they were really good sports about the whole thing!

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