Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Finally Done!

On Thursday, the school year finally ended in the Starr household. The kids have done an awesome job over the past few weeks, but I must say, it wouldn't have happened without Anthony's patience, perseverance, and pushing. We got set back a bit with our move and housing situation, but they got done much sooner than I ever expected.
Kaitlyn did an incredible job the last two weeks. She was doing tons of extra work to get finished, and got done a day before Talon. Anthony told her that if she finished first, she would get a reward. She earned a shopping trip with just her and Mommy. She's super excited!
These are the kids' completed PACEs from the last two months. (Actually, there are a few more that didn't get included.) They are so happy to finally be on Summer vacation!
Now, if I could just find the rest of the school stuff, amongst the mounds of boxes and bins, I could officially document all of their test scores!

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