Sunday, May 24, 2015


Papa and Daddy have been scheming lately to get hunting dogs, so they can hunt pheasants. They got Granny to buy into it, and this week, they brought home a bouncing baby girl. Literally. 
She is part German Shorthair, and part Weimaraner. She is about 7 weeks old, spunky, extremely cuddly, and so adorable! They named her "Cami" (mostly because she looks like she is camouflaged). 
Papa taking her for a walk.
She's already getting a bit spoiled. I don't know how many treats Papa gave to her the first day, but she sure enjoyed them.
She decided to start her hunting career with something a little easier to catch than pheasants.
Here she has captured herself some dandelions.
I rolled her over on her back to rub her tummy. She really liked it, but would look around periodically as if to say, "Is this okay?".
Welcome, to the family, Cami-girl!

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