Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Walking Boo-Boo

Natalie managed to get a real shiner on her face.  She was trying to walk last night, and started to lose her balance, so she grabbed on to the pillar that sits next to the couch (the white one in the background).  She managed to pull the entire pillar on top of herself, and it landed on her cheek bone.  (It's not exactly a light pillar!)  I took her into the doctor this morning to make sure everything was okay.  When she first woke up, her right eye was almost completely swollen shut, and now she's starting to get a black eye.  Since there isn't really anything they can do for it, we decided not to put her through all of the the x-rays for now.  We've kept up on the Ibuprofen, and she's done really well.  What a little trooper!

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