Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Party time!

We had Natalie's 1st birthday party last night.  We had a cupcake theme, since that is what her room theme is.  It was so colorful and girlie.  It turned out pretty cute.
My mom did an awesome job on the cake.  It was so yummy, too!
Some of the party animals...
She loved her balloons...
....and her food.  She loves her food!
The birthday girl with her enormous cupcake.
One of my favorite pictures of the whole night.  She tried to reach for the candle on her cake, and I told her, "No touch!".  She didn't like it very much, as you can see!
But all was well again when she got to taste the frosting.
Her very own cupcake.  Mmmmm!!!
She really liked the cherry on top!
She polished off almost the entire thing, and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.  Now, it's BATH TIME!
Time to open presents...
She got a doll with a glowing belly that changes colors. She was very intrigued!  
Ooooo... Gerber snacks!  She loves these.  She recognized the package right away, then carried them around for most of the night.
No toy can quite compare to wrapping paper!
Nolan was super excited about her new doggie.  He pulled it all over the house!
The birthday girl in her hat.  In only stayed on for a minute.  She wasn't much of a fan.
Kaitlyn was happy to jump in and help her open all of her gifts.  It was a little difficult to keep track of who got her what, but they both had a great time.  I guess that's what counts!
Yay for new toys!
Mmmm... more Gerber snacks!!
Uh, oops!
Indie, my parents' new teacup poodle, got to come to the party too.  He could hardly stand all of the excitement!

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