Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day 2013

We had a pretty eventful 4th of July.  The kids and I went to watch the parade in downtown Canby with Papa and Granny.  It was during Natalie's nap time, so Daddy stayed home with her.  It was hot, but the kids had a great time. 
Everyone threw candy.  The kids just couldn't believe it.  They were ecstatic!
Waving to Tow Mater.  Lightning McQueen was next.  The boys were so excited!
Sissy was sad... the little girl standing next to us, that she had made friends with, was out dancing in the street to some music, and fell down.  She just wasn't sure that her friend was going to be okay, because her knee was skinned up and bleeding.
We went to my parents house for a picnic that afternoon, then went to watch fireworks at their church next door, in the evening.  It got cold pretty early.  We were all putting on our fleece jackets and wrapping up in blankets.
The kids got to play with sparklers.  They thought that was just about the neatest thing ever!
As I was running out the door, it hit me... "Maybe I should bring jackets for the kids."  So I did.  Notice, I didn't stop to consider what they were wearing for the day.  Quite the pattern conglomeration that Kaitlyn has on, I must say!  Clearly she doesn't care.... until she sees these pictures in about 10 years!
Jon and Natalie
Jeremy and I with our babies.
Donna and James.  He had just watched his first firework.  He seemed to really like it!
Nolan-bug and fire.  I don't know how smart it was that we introduced these two.
Talon's goal was to see how many times he could write his name with the smoke before his sparkler ran out.
Happy boy!!!
It was great to spend the day with my family.  Our friends from church even came over for the picnic.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Independence Day!!!

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