Friday, July 5, 2013

More Talon Moments

Talon got a new fireman's play set for his birthday.  Included in the set was a pair of eye goggles.  Talon likes to don his gear, and run around the house fighting fires and being a hero.  A couple of days ago, Talon walked into the room, and Anthony noticed he had marks on the side of his nose, and on his cheek.
Anthony: "Talon, where'd you get those marks?"
Talon:  "Oh, it's from my gobblers."
Anthony (laughing hysterically):  "Your gobblers?"
Talon: "Yeah, my fireman gobblers!"
Anthony: "You mean your goggles!"
Talon: "Uh, yeah.  It's from my goggles."


Kaitlyn loves to give Daddy back rubs and foot massages.  He goes on and on about how good it feels and how sweet she is for giving him a massage.  Talon, very competitive, and not wanting to be outdone by Sissy, decided to join in and give Daddy a leg massage.
Talon: "Man, Daddy, your sheep are bigger than my hands!"
Anthony: "My sheep?  Do you mean my calves?"
Talon, starting to giggle uncontrollably: "Oops!  I mean calves.  Good thing I didn't say 'horse'!"

Oh, this kid! The stuff he comes up with....

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