Saturday, July 13, 2013

Enjoying the weather

I got a few beach balls, and we have been having fun in the back yard enjoying the nice weather.  Even Natalie gets involved.  She gets so excited!  And, yes, they are playing in their bike helmets.  They know they have to wear them to ride their bikes, so a lot of the time, they just keep them on while they play outside. (You know, in case they get the urge to run and jump on their bike!)  Crazy kids!
Attempting to take a few steps.  Not quite walking yet, but almost there!
Nat hates crawling in the grass, so this is how she gets around... doing the crab walk.  It's hilarious!
So excited about his very own beach ball.  He wanted the "gween one!". 
When I'm working, Daddy and the kids have beach ball games in the house at night.  The kids think that's just the greatest thing ever!!

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