Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach trip

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we took a trip to the beach.  It was a really hot day... until we got to Lincoln City.  It was so windy and cold down on the beach, and it was really overcast.  Glad everyone decided to bring sweatshirts and coats!

The kids were so excited to get down to the beach to play.
Kayla and Indie.  Indie wasn't very fond of the wind.  We didn't put him down... he would have blown away for sure!  Did I mention it was really windy? 
Glad my Sissy was able to come!
Me and the kiddos. Anthony opted to stay home and watch Natalie. After her incident with the pillar, she's been a little cranky. Not to mention, she's teething and has been sleeping a lot. And, after we realized how cold and windy it was on the beach, I was thankful we had decided to keep her home... I don't think she would have liked it very much!
I'd say dad looks a little cold!
Headed down to the beach.
Talon was trying to see if the wind could knock him over
Did I mention it was windy?
The kids wanted so badly to play in the water. This was as close as they got. Their first reaction was, "It's so cold, Mom!". No kidding?!?!
They had a great time digging and playing in the sand.
And this would be Nolan with his sand covered snot. I couldn't tell you how many times I wiped his nose and face that day!
Building a rock wall to shield our fire from the wind.
Roasting marshmallows
It was a bit windy and cold for Grandma, so she spent a lot of the time watching the ocean from the car. She did come down and join us once we got the fire going though!
Even with the wind and cold, we had a great time celebrating my mom's birthday together. The kids had a blast, and we ate way too many roasted marshmallows!
Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma!!! We love you!

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