Monday, April 1, 2013

Resurrection Sunday 2013

I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids after church.  It was such a beautiful day.  So happy to see the sun shining!  Nolan wasn't in much of a picture-taking mood, but was still cute as a bug.  Natalie was sleeping, but I was able to catch some pictures of her and Kaitlyn together in their matching dresses.  Maybe one of these days, I'll get a picture of all the kids together in their dress clothes.  But until then...
My beautiful girls
We had Anthony's parents and a friend from church over for dinner.
After dinner and naps, we went over to Jeremy and Donna's for a while to visit with my family.

James is a cutie.  He's getting big so fast!
Love his colorful sock monkey outfit!
Not really sure what Talon is doing here. What a nut!
Kaitlyn in her element... feeding the baby.
And, of course, there was play time with Uncle Jeremy.  Not sure who's more tired at the end of the day... the kids or him!
Grandma and the kids
This action picture of Kaitlyn makes me laugh.  She was cheering on Talon as he was wrestling with Uncle Jeremy.
What a fabulous day.  Love spending time with family!
So thankful for a reason to celebrate.  Thank you, Jesus, for your love and sacrifice!
Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!


Kelly, Aaron and now...Kayleigh said...

Candice, I seriously love how much your kids look like you too! Its amazing. I love that you keep your blog I can continue to spy into your life :)

Candice said...

Spying welcome... because I do it too! Love to see how Kayleigh is getting so big. Miss working with you!!