Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma and Aunt Doris

We had a small birthday party for my Grandma Bauer and Great Aunt Doris (Grandma's twin sister).  Grandma knew we were going to get together for her birthday, but she had no idea that family would come from Washington to be there.
We enjoyed Uncle David and Aunt Darlene.
Aunt Doris and James
We enjoyed Ralf, Becky, and Shana as well.
The birthday girls.
My mom made the cake, and it was delicious, of course!
It was great to see everyone and spend the day with family that we haven't visited with in quite some time!  It was also very fun to see the surprise on Grandma's face when everyone walked in.  The two of them were like giddy little school girls-especially Aunt Doris. At one point, Grandma reminded her to 'remember her age'.  She didn't pay it any mind.... and we all love her for it!!! 
Happy Birthday, you two!  May you be blessed with many more!!

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