Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 months old

Miss Natalie is 10 months old.  She does not stop moving.  She went from barely sitting up independently, to pulling herself up, crawling, and trying to walk along the furniture... all in about two weeks.
 She really dislikes being in her ExerSaucer, because she hates being confined now.  She does, however, still love to play standing next to it.... and under it!
 And, yes, she has found the stairs.  Here she is-  looking around to see if it's clear to start her climb.
 Love that tongue!
 Making her way along the cabinets- starting at the dishwasher. 
 Such a doll!
 She loves to play on the dogs' bed
 Watching the kids play outside
 Such a silly face 
 Nolan playing with Sissy through the window.  So sweet!
 She is such a cutie with a huge personality, and we all just love her to pieces!!!

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