Friday, October 10, 2014


Last night, we decided to take a drive to Mt. Angel.  We hit up the burger joint for ice cream cones, then took a tour of the city.
Four of the happy tourists...
It looks like a little German town, so I had to do a little research about it.
Here is a little history of Mt. Angel, according to Wikipedia:
"Mt. Angel was originally settled in 1850 by Benjamin Cleaver, who later planned a townsite which he named Roy. In 1881, a railroad station was established and named Fillmore after a railroad official. The following year, a post office with the name of Roy was established, but neither name was to last.
Rev. Fr. Adelheim Odermatt, O.S.B., came to Oregon in 1881 with a contingent of Benedictine monks from Engelberg, Switzerland, in order to establish a new American daughter house. After visiting several locations, he found Lone Butte to be the ideal location for a new abbey, and shortly afterwards ministered to several local Roman Catholic parishes, about the same time large numbers of immigrants from Bavaria settled in the area. Due to his efforts, the city, post office and the nearby elevation Lone Butte came to be known as Mount Angel (an English translation of Engelberg) in 1883. He also established Mount Angel Abbey, a Benedictine monastery and school, which was moved permanently to Mt. Angel in 1884."
This is the German restaurant, The Glockenspiel.
This is one of Anthony's favorite places... The Mt. Angel Sausage Company
 I didn't take these pictures, I found them when I was researching the town.
 This is the Mt. Angel Abbey.  I wonder if they do tours.  That might be fun!
The Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
Such a fun little town to tour (and it's only 7 miles from our house!).

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