Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Noni!

My little Nolan-bug ("Noni" to Natalie) turned 4 today.  It seems impossible!  He is such a loving, happy, fun, spunky, crazy kid.  Our family just wouldn't be the same without him.

He requested pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast.
 Our entire family got sick this week, so in an effort to not share the wealth, we celebrated with just the six of us.  We had a great time, and enjoyed spending the day together.  We went to Dutch Bros for coffee and smoothies, then went for a drive up to Mt. Angel for tots at The Burger Inn, and to do a little more touring of the town.  I put a roast in the dutch oven before we left, so we came home and had dinner. I made a chocolate chunk cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting (by his request). Actually, he said he just wanted popsicles, but when he found out he couldn't blow out candles in a popsicle, he chose cake.  Then, when all was said and done, all the kids just wanted a popsicle.  So, Daddy and I enjoyed some chocolate cake.
Next came the presents.  He was so excited!
In case you can't tell, he is very happy to FINALLY be four.  Although, I must take this opportunity to tell this...
The kids fall in the same line as Shade and Beth's kids (boy, girl, boy, girl).  I hear, at least ten times a day, "Talon, you're Caleb.  I'm Chantry, and I'm twelve!".  Any way he can work it in, he does.  He will tell the kids, "Let's play that we're grown ups, and I'm Chantry, and I'm twelve."  He's such a crazy kid!
 He got a remote control Mustang.  He was so excited to play with it.  We put the batteries in, and it didn't work.  We tried a whole new set of batteries, and still couldn't get it to work.  So, we jumped in the car, having only 20 minutes to make it to Costco, and returned it.  We then went to Target and got a new Remote Control Car.  Once again, he was a very happy boy!  Tomorrow, they are having a huge sale at Coastal Farms, and we are going to pick out some rain boots.  He is pretty sure that, after he gets his rain boots, he will get to play outside any time it rains.  Hmmmm.... probably not, but they will come in handy, seeing that it rains about 9 months out of the year here!
 Sporting his new pajamas.
 Nolan and Mommy.  Love this little monkey!
 These two absolutely adore each other.
Happy Birthday, Nolan James.  Praying God's blessings on you this coming year.  You are such a bright spot in our lives, and we love you to pieces!


Beth Starr said...

How sweet! When he is 12, Chantry will be 20. Won't you love hearing that? Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Candice said...

It cracks me up that he thinks he is 'grown up'. Kids are a hoot!