Friday, October 17, 2014

Sick Days

Our family so generously passed around a respiratory bug this week.  It started with the kids, then Anthony.  I thought I was doing pretty good because I was working, and I didn't get it for a couple of days.  Then it hit me really hard.  It's not exactly how I had planned to use my vacation time from work this year, but thankfully I did have some days saved up.  It's been miserable... many sleepless nights. Lots of vitamin C and other medicinal remedies (natural and not-so-natural), have been used to try and combat this fever and mucous plague.

Natalie loves medicine.  Good thing, because she got a lot of it this week.  I gave her some juice with Vitamin C powder in her sippy cup.  She was not pleased.  She wanted to drink it from a big girl cup like the rest of the kids.
The kids are always hugging on each other and being goofy.  I'm glad they get along so well, but it's probably why so many germs get passed around!
Group hugs
Natalie wanted to play hide and seek.  She was in the corner and couldn't see anyone else, so in her mind, she was well hidden.  Kids are so funny!
More goofing off before bed.
The boys picked out their own pajamas.  I don't know if I could sleep if I clashed that bad, but they clearly don't mind.
Nolan's sad face about going to bed.
We got cabin fever, so we got out of the house a few times and drove around, but the kids got along considerably well for as much time as we spent trapped in the house together and not feeling well. And they did seem happy to have a couple of days off of school.  
We went through a considerable amount of tissue and Ibuprofen this week, but thank God we are all getting better and only have some nasty sounding coughs remaining.  This weekend, the house is getting sanitized from top to bottom, Mommy goes back to work Monday, and school is back in session.  It will be nice to feel like we are in the land of the living again, though!

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