Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy Attack

I was laying on the floor playing with Natalie, and she was having fun crawling over me.  The other kids thought it looked like fun, I guess, because I became the live jungle gym!   
Oh, how I love spending time with these four little munchkins!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Friends

We finally got to meet the Pearsons- a family from Jesse and Ruth's church in Minot, North Dakota, that we've heard so much about.  They came to stay with us during the regional Bible Quiz Extravaganza.  We had a blast!  The kids basically adopted them as their very own.  They were pretty sure that the only reason they came was to be their personal play mates!
Here we have Garret and Talon in the middle of a wrestling match.  Talon made sure to let us know, and has  reminded us frequently since, that Garret is his good friend.  He is quite sure that Garret shares the same sentiment.
Nolan knew he had struck a gold mine with Wendy... she let him play with her iPhone.  He thought he was pretty cool stuff! 
And yes....Kaitlyn still has a bit of a crush on her cousin, Jonathan!
Natalie and Clarissa
They were so sweet.  They gave all of the kids a pair of sunglasses, they gave the boys a hat, and Kaitlyn a pink flower headband.  They couldn't have picked better gifts. The kids were super excited!
And they loved Clarissa.  Every time she sat down, at least one of them would climb on her lap.
Actin' goofy
Playing a little joke on the guys.... with alarm clocks.  I don't think it worked out quite as well as planned, but it was still pretty funny!
More pictures with their glasses.  Nolan was pretty sure he needed to wear them to bed.
Mommy with her little stud-muffin
We had a fabulous time, and made some great new friends.  And, of course, it's always fun to see Jonathan.
They had to leave around 3:30am on Sunday morning.  When Talon got up, he jumped out of bed and ran to his room to see if the boys were still there.  They weren't.  He was so sad.  He was trying to be brave, but couldn't hold back the tears for long.  He was ready to give up his bedroom for keeps, and let Garret and Jonathan come live with us, and Kaitlyn would have gladly given Clarissa her pink Hello Kitty room as well! We were all quite sad to see them go, but hope they come back soon!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma and Aunt Doris

We had a small birthday party for my Grandma Bauer and Great Aunt Doris (Grandma's twin sister).  Grandma knew we were going to get together for her birthday, but she had no idea that family would come from Washington to be there.
We enjoyed Uncle David and Aunt Darlene.
Aunt Doris and James
We enjoyed Ralf, Becky, and Shana as well.
The birthday girls.
My mom made the cake, and it was delicious, of course!
It was great to see everyone and spend the day with family that we haven't visited with in quite some time!  It was also very fun to see the surprise on Grandma's face when everyone walked in.  The two of them were like giddy little school girls-especially Aunt Doris. At one point, Grandma reminded her to 'remember her age'.  She didn't pay it any mind.... and we all love her for it!!! 
Happy Birthday, you two!  May you be blessed with many more!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 months old

Miss Natalie is 10 months old.  She does not stop moving.  She went from barely sitting up independently, to pulling herself up, crawling, and trying to walk along the furniture... all in about two weeks.
 She really dislikes being in her ExerSaucer, because she hates being confined now.  She does, however, still love to play standing next to it.... and under it!
 And, yes, she has found the stairs.  Here she is-  looking around to see if it's clear to start her climb.
 Love that tongue!
 Making her way along the cabinets- starting at the dishwasher. 
 Such a doll!
 She loves to play on the dogs' bed
 Watching the kids play outside
 Such a silly face 
 Nolan playing with Sissy through the window.  So sweet!
 She is such a cutie with a huge personality, and we all just love her to pieces!!!