Friday, September 6, 2013

Random 5 on Friday

Is it Friday again? Already? Didn't we just have one of these? Oh yeah... it's been a whole week ago. Man, how time FLIES! Like I said in my first 'Random 5 on Friday' post, it may become 'Random 5 on Random Fridays'. How sad is it that it has already become the case? One of my problems is, I work nights. I go to work, the day and date changes half way through my shift. I come home in the morning, go to sleep, wake up, and the day/date is the same as it was when I went to bed. Needless to say, when I'm asked what day it is, or the date, it's a rare occasion that I can give the correct answer right away without stopping to think about it. Okay, enough of my ramblings. Here goes my Random 5...

1. We celebrated Labor Day at home with Anthony's parents and a couple of friends. We had a BBQ, the kids played outside and got very dirty, I got to relax for a little while, the weather was beautiful, and it didn't rain. Perfect!

2. Natalie has managed once again to get a huge knot on her forehead... right before I get her pictures taken. This kid constantly comes up with new ways to hurt herself! She has just recently learned to walk. She thinks she's good enough to get fancy, and decided to run around the living room with a blanket over her face. She ran smack into the wall, and screamed a lot. She pitched a royal fit when we tried to keep ice on it. The bruise is quite impressive. Sigh!

3. I got my Fall decorations out and started putting them up. Fall is my favorite season for decorating. I love all of the amazing colors and scents! I baked a whole batch of pumpkin bread, that got devoured in a matter of a couple of days (that's 4 loaves, people!). Yes, we shared some, but ate a good share of it ourselves. I love pumpkin bread. Pumpkin anything, really!

4. We are going to start the school year on Monday. We have been waiting for Talon's material to arrive, and I'm hoping it will come this weekend. Even if it doesn't, I think I remember my ABC's enough to start teaching him the letter sounds. If not, we are in big trouble! He is so excited he can hardly stand it. He gets out his pencils daily, and practices the words he already knows how to spell. I guess I'll embrace his enthusiasm while I can.... I'm sure he won't always be jumping up and down to learn that school is starting for the year.

5. We are having a major issue with ants around the house. I'm getting tired of seeing their little bodies cruise around the patio, the garage, and now the downstairs bathroom. We don't eat in any of those places, we don't have a water problem, and I keep my floors mopped and vacuumed very frequently. I don't like little crawly things around my house, trying to share my space. Time to bring in the big guns, I guess, and go to war on some ants!
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Beth Starr said...

Bayleaves. Just lay them around where you see them. Speaking from experience this has worked the best.