Sunday, September 29, 2013

Potty training #3

It's that time again..... potty training.  Let me just say, this is not on my list of 'Favorite past times'.  A strong force driving me though, is the fact that I really dislike buying and changing diapers. He also turns 3 next month.  So, potty train we will.  
Nolan has been ready for a while now, but is extremely stubborn.  If he wants to go on the potty, he won't wet his pants for anything.  If he doesn't want to go on the potty, you can sit him on there every 15 minutes, and he will still hold it and go in his pants.
The good news is, we are almost there. Wooo-Hooo!!!  The only thing we have to conquer now, is the telling Mommy "I'm stinky" after the deed is done.  He got some 'Big boy Thomas underwear', but got them taken away until we have this 'going poppers on the potty' thing mastered. (Yes, we use the word 'poppers' around here, instead of the many other descriptive words you could think of.  It definitely makes it less embarrassing when they shout it out in public!)

He wanted me to take a picture of him being a big boy and sitting on the potty.  So, here it is!  (No, he doesn't have a tail.  That's the toilet paper holder on the floor behind him.) ;D

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