Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh, the things kids say!

We went to Costco yesterday afternoon, and as we left the parking lot, Talon hollers, "Mom, look!  There's 'We Are Babies'!  
Completely confused, I looked around.  There it was, across the street....
I said, "Talon, that's 'Babies R Us'"!
He threw his head back, rolled his eyes, and in his sheepish way, said, "Oh, man!  I always get stuff confused!".
Yes, but it makes for a good laugh!  The thing is, he is always correcting the other kids for saying things wrong, yet he is the one that always gets tongue-tied, and says things backwards. Oh, the irony!


We had a BBQ today for Labor Day, and our friends, Christie and Kylie came over.  Our kids know that they have to eat their hamburger before they can fill up on chips and dessert.  Kaitlyn is such a little mother when it comes to the other kids.  They were all sitting at their table, and Kylie (who's almost 8) picked up a chip to put it in her mouth.  Kaitlyn gasped in disbelief, and with a shocked look on her face, asked, "You're going to eat that FIRST???".

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