Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Outdoor Girl

Natalie loves playing outside.  She gets so upset if the other kids are out in the backyard, and she doesn't get to go out too!  She hates her shoes, so she is barefoot, as usual.
Our UW Huskies fan!  Daddy should be so proud!
Taking a break on the steps, and watching the older kids play.
Love those big blue eyes!
She's our climber.  She has no fear... she'll climb anything!
Gonna take a cruise in the pink car.
Waving 'good-bye'.
...and she's off!
Checking over her shoulder for traffic.
She must have been speeding and got pulled over by the bicycle police.
I think she was afraid Nolan was going to try and take the car away from her, because she would hardly even make eye contact with him.
Nolan-bug.  Outside on his bike, and happy as can be!
Our other cute little motorist.
So crazy!
Doing a little car shopping. She tried out the red one, but went right back to the pink.  Such a girlie girl!

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