Monday, July 2, 2012

Update on Natalie

We took Natalie to see the cardiologist, Dr. K. today.  We were hoping to be able to hold off on doing a cardiac catheterization until she was a little bigger (maybe 2-3 months old); but after doing an ultrasound and assessing her, Dr. K feels like it is necessary to take her in next week to do the cardiac cath.  She is very lethargic and sleeps all the time right now, she's having a hard time gaining weight, the right side of her heart is very enlarged, she is having pulmonary hypertension, and her oxygen saturation is only 89-93%.
He started her on a couple of medications- Lasix to help with the fluid overload to her lungs, and Digoxin to help with her heart function.  We also are going to start fortifying her milk with formula to hopefully get a little weight on her before the procedure.

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