Monday, July 2, 2012

Proud sister and brothers

The kids are so excited about 'Baby Natalie'.  They love to hold her and talk to her, and are willing to help in any way they can.  Kaitlyn is such a little mother, and is so proud to be Natalie's big sister!  One of her favorite lines is "And when I get big, I'm gonna teach Baby Natalie to  (fill in the blank), because I'm her big sister!".

We were a bit concerned how Nolan would react to having a baby around, but he absolutely loves her as well.  He asks to hold "bebe" all the time.  If she is crying, grunting, or making any noise at all, he comes running with his face all worried and scrunched up, and says, "Mama, bebe cry!".  And he doesn't say it just once, he says it repeatedly until she stops (or until we get tired of hearing it and tell him to stop!). He loves to lean in and give her a "tiss" (kiss) on the head. It's pretty sweet!

He's very fascinated with her hands and feet.

When Natalie first came home, we kept a hat on her head most of the time.  All the kids love hats, but one day we had a hat festival at our house, and every hat that could be found was modeled for us.  Nolan found one of Sissy's hats for her baby and was wearing it around.  It was hilarious!

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