Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!!

We went to my parents' house and celebrated my mom's birthday last night.
Ahhh, ain't she purdy just a snugglin' that grandbaby?!?!
Nolan loves Auntie Kayla
Hooray!!!  Grandpa set up the 'bouncy'!

Playing with sidewalk chalk with Uncle Jeremy

Hmmm.... everyone looks half asleep.  Must have been a long day!
Aunt Donna getting some practice in for their little one that's scheduled to arrive at the beginning of February.  So exciting!  Yeah for cousins!!!
More snuggling with Grandma
Happy __th Birthday, Mom/Grandma!
We love you!!!
Note: Number of candles does not reflect actual age.  Some have been removed to protect the sanity of said birthday person.  (Also, to protect the frosting from completely evaporating off the cake!!)  =D

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