Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day 2012!!

This year, we had a barbecue at home in the morning with Anthony's parents and the Vinsons. After nap time, the Vinsons came with us to my parents house, and we had another barbecue in the evening.

Glad my Grandma Norma was feeling well enough to come and spend the day with us!

Annual pose with my little sis

Natalie's first Independence Day
Mommy and her crew

Sissy and Aunt Kayla
Great Aunt Kathy and Natalie
Great Uncle Mike and Natalie

Tori and Alyssa

So great to have all my grandmas there!
After dark, we went to the church next door and watched some fireworks.
What a great day!  Lots of food and fun with great family and friends!
Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!!!

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