Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Such a big girl

We officially no longer have a kid in diapers. I started potty training Natalie on Thursday, we had a few rough spots, but she got the hang of it really fast. By Sunday, she was no longer having accidents, and by Monday, she was not very happy that I was still having her wear a pull-up when we left the house to run errands. She loves being a big girl!
I had to bribe her to sit on the potty the first few times. Every 15 minutes she had to sit on the potty chair, and she would get a piece of candy (I used PEZ because they are small and I had a lot of them). She very quickly realized that she liked that reward. She began coming to me about every 5 minutes saying, "I have to go potty weally bad!", but wouldn't go, she just wanted more candy. Kids are so smart! Then she only got candy when she would actually go. Now we are only doing candy if we have more than... shall we say... "little results".
A couple of weeks ago, Natalie was sitting on Uncle Jess's lap, and was telling him how much she 'needs' new Hello Kitty sunglasses. Uncle Jess told her that if she got potty trained by the time she turns 3, that he would buy her some Hello Kitty sunglasses. Her reply was, "I need 2 pairs of Hello Kitty sunglasses!". He agreed to buy her two pair, but reinforced that it would have to be before her birthday. As we were driving home from the mall on Thursday night, she informs Nolan, "Uncle Jess is gonna buy me two pairs of Hello Kitty sunglasses, AND a Hello Kitty watch if I get potty trained before my birfday!". She hasn't discussed it with Uncle Jess yet, but she's pretty sure she's gonna get a Hello Kitty watch, too! This girl is crazy!
The look I got when I asked her to smile as she was going out the door...
As of this week, we have been buying diapers for the past 8 years straight. I can't say as I will the expense, but it's hard to believe how fast the kids have grown!

Singing in the car

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