Sunday, June 14, 2015

Girls' Slumber Party

The guys had a 'Men and Boys Campout' over the weekend, so us girls had a sleepover and Misty's.  We had a blast.  We laughed a lot, played games, and stayed up way too late.
All the little girls- Kaitlyn, Kaya, Natalie, and Tinsley, had fun playing house and taking over all of the toys.  They got into Misty's purse and shoe collection, and pranced around the house like they owned the place.
Eating lollipops and getting wired!
Little shopper
Natalie and Tinsley took turns wearing my flip-flops around the house all day
Evening coffee (or Chai) and brownies.  (This is what you get when a 3 1/2 ft. child takes your pictures.)
That's better.
My turn with the camera! We had way too much fun!
Bed time.  Natalie insisted, from the time she got there, that she was going to "sweep with Sisser Mitsty".  So all the girls slept in her room on the floor.  They crashed!
Natalie ended up taking over my bed.
Love this picture!
God has blessed us with some great friends here!

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