Monday, June 8, 2015

Another trip to the ER

On Friday night, we ended up in the ER.  Kaitlyn has been sick and running fevers for a couple of days, and has had really bad stomach pain.  At first, we assumed it was her kidneys again, but when her urine culture came back completely clear, we started worrying about it being her appendix.  They did a CT scan and her appendix looked fine. Turns out she has C. Diff, a bad toxin in her intestinal tract that causes really bad cramping and diarrhea.  She is susceptible to it because she is on daily antibiotics. To get rid of it, of course, she needs more antibiotics.
Poor girl. When she gets febrile, she looks and feels horrible! So thankful it's not her appendix, and she doesn't need surgery... especially since she already is scheduled for surgery the first week of August. After her fluid bonus and ibuprofen she felt a little better. 
Finally able to rest after the IV and bonus of fluids. She was pretty exhausted.

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Debra & Donna LeBarron said...

We are praying for you as your facing this surgery, Jesus will be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you all very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!We hope everything goes good for you, Love, Debra and Donna LeBarron