Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Talon!

Talon turned 8 years old on Saturday. We spent most of the day at home, then we went shopping for a couple more of his birthday gifts.  He requested lasagna for dinner.  I wish I could say I made a huge homemade lasagna, but I didn't get a chance, so I bought one.
For dessert he wanted ice cream (with no cake!).
He got a card in the mail with some money in it from Uncle Roger and Aunt Jenny.
We got him some sunglasses and a watch that he has been wanting.
Papa and Granny have been out of town, so we waited until Sunday morning to open the majority of his gifts, since they tried so hard to make it back in time for his birthday.
He really wanted some new dress shirts with ties.
...and pajamas.
He needed new clothes really bad.  This kid has hit a growth spurt, and it's hard to keep him in clothes these days!
And he got some money.  That probably got the biggest smile!
He got some Legos and Cars from Papa and Granny.  He's really been into playing Legos for the past few months. It's neat to see his imagination work, and see all of the different things he builds with them. He's pretty creative!
He got his birthday package in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma Bauer today... a Cars racing game for the Wii that he has been wanting!  Grandma was a bit disappointed to find out that it didn't get here by his birthday (things just take longer to get to North Dakota, I guess!).  Oh well, it drug his birthday out just a little longer.  He wasn't too upset about that!
...and some cash!!! That's always a big hit!
We have something else planned for his birthday that he knows nothing about... we are going to go put-put golfing with some friends.

Happy 8th Birthday, Talon Shade!!!

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