Monday, November 10, 2014

Bedtime success

It was a rough couple of weeks getting Natalie transitioned into her 'big girl bed'.  She would get up multiple times a night, and come down to sleep with us.  I would carry her back upstairs, and she would wander right back down.  This was happening 2-3 times a night. Finally, I was so exhausted, I would give up and let her stay in our bed.  This only encouraged the behavior!
 I went back to work last week for a 3 day stretch, and Anthony broke her from coming downstairs.  When she came down, he told her to go right back up and sleep in her own bed.  The first night, she was sad. Okay, mad. She was mad.  She marched upstairs and shut the door as hard as she could to show her displeasure; however, she hasn't come down in the middle of the night since.  She gets more sleep at night and so do we.  Go Daddy!

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