Monday, August 5, 2013

Talon Moment

Talon is so excited about football season.  He's been wanting to wear his Russell Wilson jersey all the time, and is constantly running plays in the backyard and front room.  
He informed me a couple of days ago, "Mom, if Russell Wilson gets hurt, or decides not to be the quarterback for the Seahawks, I would probably do it!".
I chuckled, "You would, huh?  You'd be willing to do that for the Seahawks?"
Talon, running off to practice his pass juuuuuuust in case he were to get called on... "Yeah, I would!".
It popped his bubble a bit when daddy informed him that they have THREE quarterbacks on the team, and they would probably call on one of them to be backup.
It's so nice of him to be willing to take one for the team though!

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